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Public Housing Annual 5 Year Plan 2020
Procurement Policy 2019 
Conflict of Interest Policy
Non-Discrimination Notice
Non-Discrimination/Grievance Policy
Accessibility Plan for Persons with Limited English Proficiency
20240331_Annual PHA Plan (Standard PHAs and Troubled PH As)

Public Housing

A&O Policy Table of Contents
A&O Sec I -Nondiscrimination & Accessibility
A&O Sec II – Eligibility for Admission and Process of Applicants
A&O Sec III – Tenant Selection and Assignment Plan 2020
A&O Sec IV – Leasing and Occupancy of Dwelling Units
A&O Sec V Transfers 2020
A&O Sec VI-Eligibility for Continued Occupancy & Annual recertification 2020
A&O Sec VIII utilities
A&O Sec IX Choice of Rent 2019
A&O Sec X Definitions 2017
A&O Sec XI Collections Rent & other Charges
A&O XIII Grievance
Public Housing Lease 2020

Housing Choice Voucher program

Title Page
Introduction to the Administration Plan
Table of Contents (03/2011)
Chapter 1. Overview of the Program and Plan (03/2011)
Chapter 2. Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (03/2011)
Chapter 3. Eligibility (01/2015)
Chapter 4. Applications, Waiting List and Tenant Selection (01/2019)
Chapter 5. Briefings and Voucher Issuance (08/2017)
Chapter 6. Income and Subsidy Determinations (7/2019)
Chapter 7. Verification (12/2012)
Chapter 8. Housing Quality Standards and Rent Reasonableness Determinations (06/2016)
Chapter 9. General Leasing Policies (03/2011)
Chapter 10. Moving with Continued Assistance and Portability (01/2018)
Chapter 11. Reexaminations (04/2012)
Chapter 12. Termination of Assistance and Tenancy (03/2011)
Chapter 13. Owners (03/2011)
Chapter 14. Program Integrity (03/2011)
Chapter 15. Special Housing Types (12/2018)
Chapter 16. Program Administration (03/2011)
Chapter 17. Project-Based vouchers (02/2016)
Glossary (03/2011)

Pleasantview Apartments

Administration and Occupancy (05/2017)
Lease (6/2017)`

Laurel Gardens Apartments

Administration and Occupancy (09/2019)