How to Be a Successful Tenant

Conflict resolution

First and foremost, treat your neighbors how you would like to be treated.

If a problem arises between you and your neighbor, don’t wait! Talk to them as soon as possible before it gets blown out of proportion. Most of the time, not enough information is used to make decisions. If you talk and exchange information, you can likely resolve any problems before they get too big.

Don’t listen to rumors. If you need to know, go to the person involved and ask to talk to them about it. Most people will be reasonable if approached and treated with respect. Be prepared to compromise if needed.

Many problems arise when children are not attended closely by their parents or adult guardians. Don’t assume children are trying to get into trouble. Many times, they don’t understand that certain activities are unsafe or annoying to others. This is what parents/guardians must be aware of and take time to teach. Children learn responsibility and how to live in society by example.

If you are still unable to work out the problem with a neighbor and it is not a criminal activity, call your Asset Manager at HomeFront. Notify the Billings Police Department of any criminal activity.