Housing Choice Voucher Services

HomeFront Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) recipients are eligible for several programs to help create a path to self-sufficiency.

Housing acceptance help

HCV clients can get help getting into housing if they are having trouble with credit or other issues. They will learn the best way to present themselves and their past rental, credit and employment histories. Limited help is available for actual housing search. Clients can access a computer in the HomeFront lobby that they can use for internet housing searches. Contact Pam at (406) 245-6391 for more information.

Community referrals

All HCV clients who need help finding agency assistance or other resources for their families can call Pam at (406) 245-6391. Calls are confidential and clients will be directed to an agency, website or individual who may be able to assist them.

Homeownership program

HomeFront helps our low-income clients use Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) assistance as a key resource in purchasing a home. HCV clients participating in the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program or those who are elderly or disabled have selection preference for this program.

HomeFront’s goals are to expand homeownership opportunities for HCV participants by assisting them in transitioning from rental assistance to homeownership using HCV rental assistance.

To be eligible for the HCV Homeownership program, you must:

  • Receive HCV rental assistance for one year and be in good standing.
  • Meet the HUD definition of a first-time homebuyer.
  • Have an annual income of 30 hours a week times the minimum hourly wage or more, unless you are elderly or have a disability status.
  • Have been working for at least one year when you apply for the HCV Homeownership program, unless you are elderly or have a disability status.
  • Complete a HomeFront-approved First-Time Home Buyer class.

Find out more about the HCV Homeownership program