About HomeFront

Leading the charge for housing affordability

  • $9.6 million in rent added to our local economy annually
  • Only 2% of HomeFront participants receive welfare assistance.
  • A minimum wage worker in Montana would need to work 59 hours per week to afford a 1 bedroom rental home at fair market rent.
  • To afford a 2-bedroom rental home in Montana, an individual would need to make $15.97 per hour.

HomeFront believes everyone in our community deserves a safe place to live that they can afford and call home. Consistent, stable housing is the foundation for self-sufficiency, financial security, wellness, academic success and quality of life. With it, our residents and our community thrive together.

We are dedicated to helping our fellow community members feel at home in Billings.
In collaboration with community partners, HomeFront develops, manages and facilitates affordable housing throughout Billings. But our dedication to self-reliance and quality of life extend well beyond the four walls of home. Several community gardens enhance our environment and food supply, and we offer free instruction on a myriad of topics — paths to home ownership, how to be a good renter, literacy, budgeting and beyond.

Working together, we can build a better Billings for all.
HomeFront’s greatest asset is our people. Our team of housing professionals are passionate, dedicated and committed to helping create strong communities. We strive to elevate the standard for affordable housing by being the very best at what we do — to make a difference every day.