Housekeeping and Repair Information

HomeFront cleaning recommendations

It is much easier to keep things clean if you do it weekly or monthly than it is to try clean a year’s worth to pass inspection!

Floors: Sweep daily, damp mop weekly. For laminate flooring, use vinegar and water only (no wax).

Carpet: Vacuum at least two times a week (more if needed). Always wipe up a spot when it happens! Use hot soapy water and a scrub brush, then blot dry. A wet/dry vacuum is available for stairs. Call your front desk for checkout.

Ovens: Clean drip pans with hot soapy water weekly (more if needed). Use an oven cleaner on inside surfaces every three months. Clean the range hood and filter weekly with hot soapy water.

Walls: You can wash all walls with hot soapy water. Suggestion: Spot wash walls every time you do the dishes.

Refrigerator: Clean at least every two months (more if needed). Take everything out and turn it off. Wash with hot soapy water and a soft green scrub pad, then dry with a towel and turn it back on.

Sinks/tubs: Use a cleaner with a scrub pad at least once a week. Make it part of your dish washing routine.

Toilet: Use a cleaner at least once a week (more if needed). Clean the floor around the toilet at the same time.