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Landlords who participate in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program receive housing assistance payments directly. The remaining rent is paid by tenants. Amounts of rental subsidies and rent limits are subject to program regulations.

Participation in the program requires execution of a housing assistance payments (HAP) contract with HomeFront on behalf of HUD. HomeFront provides information and outreach to landlords to ensure families have access to all types and ranges of affordable homes throughout the Billings community.

How does the Housing Choice Voucher program work?

A family or individual applies for a HCV with HomeFront. They are placed on the waitlist. Once the family or individual reaches the top of the waitlist, HomeFront issues a voucher that allows prospective tenants who qualify to search for a rental home that meets their needs and program requirements.

The HCV is valid for 60 days from the date of issuance. During this time, the voucher holder will provide the landlord with a Request for Tenancy Approval (RTA) form. The landlord must complete the RTA, and both the landlord and tenant must sign the RTA. The completed RTA is submitted to HomeFront to determine whether the rent and utility allowance are within the gross rent amount allowed by the program.

Rent amount and market comparability

HUD requires that surveys of the surrounding rental market are conducted to compare the requested rent amount with rents being charged for similar apartments.

Housing quality standards

If the RTA is approved, HomeFront will schedule an inspection of the rental home to ensure it meets Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Rental homes must pass the HQS inspection for the subsidy to begin.

Housing assistance payment contract

The landlord and HomeFront must execute a HAP contract in order for rental assistance payments to begin.


The landlord and individual or family must sign a lease that is provided by the landlord and is consistent with state and local law. If the landlord does not have a lease, a standard HUD lease is provided. The family’s or individual’s initial lease must be 12 months and have the same date as the HAP contract. After the initial 12-month lease, the family or individual may remain in the rental home on a month-to-month lease. For landlords wanting to increase rent, a 60-day notice must be provided to the family or individual and HomeFront after the first year.


More information

Landlord portal

As a convenience, HomeFront offers landlords a new secure online portal. This service allows existing landlords to view information about their housing assistance payments.

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